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Ken Ledonio
Artist | Hobbyist

Lighting, Coloring and Prioritizing:…

Practice, and the Journey to Having a Custom Art-Style:…

    Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Favorite games?
Don't Starve, The Walking Dead Game , Team Fortress 2 , Move or Die, Octodad , GTA V, Telltale's GoT and Many many More...
How come I see terrible suggestions at your deviations?
That's my old drawings from March - May 2014. I will not delete them because they are relics to me. It shows me how my drawing skills have improved and they also give me nostalgia :U
Can you draw X for me?
Probably not :P , well, it depends.. I will do requests in-exchange of faves.
Why won't you draw any Anime?
I tried. You might find it in my gallery>raw sketches.
I can't find it..
Also, Stopped trying because I realized that everyone looks the f*cking same.
Which I mentioned in…
"Do you have your own art style?"
Technically yes, but I don't always stick to one artstyle, I change it on each piece I make.
Depends on the theme that I want. You meant an overall artstyle? Well, you can obviously see it here:…
I can't really do much with what I have, such as clear lighting, high quality line art,
characters that don't look flat, and skin shading.<br /
How do you draw good?
You learn over-time and stick to your goal of drawing something while getting all the information of getting better at drawing.…

Here's My Skill Evolution of Wilson and Wendy from May to October 2014:

I wanted to exactly draw Wilson in the Style that is stuck in my head. I kept tryng, and trying. Found my mistakes, and I obliterated most of them.
And that's how you draw "good"
I'm not a professional, I've seen fuckin' amazing shit all over the internets!
But I'm Improving. And Still Am.
Here's my collection of Digital Art:

If you want to make fan-art for me, here's some references of Kerzid and Sophia :

Both kerzid and sophie…………



Hello DeviantArt, my cat just died.

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PlayerZed Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm kinda curious, you said you were colourblind right? To what degree are you colourblind? How many colours can you see or not see?
Kerzid Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist
There are certain colors than I cannot differ from one another.
Such pink to blue
Green to orange
Yellow to Bright Green
So on.
And some colors are non-existent even.

I can still SEE color, but not as an average person would.
PlayerZed Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's interesting, thanks.
Kerzid Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist
Bahahahahaha XD

Oh stop it you! C:
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